Introducing the Hemingway Project!

This week, I am off sailing the Chicago Race to Mackinac Island! A 330 mile trek involving over 300 sailing vessels, this is the largest freshwater race in the world. Unfortunately, the sea state was intense with winds “blowing stink” and waves topping 10-foot swells for over 24 hours straight – forcing 98 boats to retire due to safety, damage to the vessels, sea sickness…and perhaps logic. What can I say? Sometimes I do things that defy logic…such as treating huge rolling waves like a roller coaster instead of evaluating my mortality. Our team, Mutiny, finished the race on Tuesday morning – our fleet started the race with 17 vessels and ended the race with 9. This was certainly a regatta to remember.


Meanwhile, on dry land, I have left Sebastian yet again to manage our projects while I’m away. The Firehouse and the Oak Brook project are cruising towards their finish lines. While we love to stop, reminisce, and admire our transformations – we can only enjoy this briefly before doing what we must: move on to the next.

Allyson Location Portrait_393

Therefore, allow me to introduce you to the Hemingway Project! This project involves the historical restoration of an approximately 4,500SF building located in the Frank Lloyd Wright-Prairie School of Architecture Historical District in Oak Park. This building is a Queen Anne style, designed by architecture firm, Patton and Fisher, and built between 1882-1889 – more than a decade before the Village of Oak Park, itself, was incorporated. This building is designated at the National and Local level for the National Register of Historic Places.  

An American Queen Anne style, this en vogue architectural aesthetic reached its height of popularity in the late 19th century. A traditional construction, the structure consists of a stone foundation with combustible structural framing. The exterior features the original wood clapboard and wood shingles. The roof has a cross gable with replacement asphalt shingles and brackets which provides a complex and creative opportunity for design. The windows are the original wood. This building also consists of a 1-story, open porch with a gable clad roof and square wood posts.  

Our scope on this project includes exterior restoration of the building, an upgrade to the Kitchen, remodeling of the Study including the addition of a fireplace, an upgrade to all bathrooms in the building, a full remodel of the Master Suite, restoration of the original hardwood flooring, and restoration of the Grand Staircase. The 3rd Floor Attic is currently unoccupied space which will be transformed into a multi-use recreational area featuring climate control, a wet bar, bathroom, library spaces, custom cabinetry, a fireplace hearth, and 25-foot gabled ceilings showcasing custom collar ties.  

A vibrant family with young children, our clients desire to create their “forever home”. The goal of this project is to maintain and invigorate the historic features of this building while creating a safe and functional space with modern amenities to improve the comfort and flexibility needed to accommodate their growing family.  


So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the Before photos: 

























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