Introducing the Oak Brook Project…Again!!!

We’re back in the saddle again…

…If you didn’t sing along with that opening, then you’re obviously not a die hard fan of Sleepless in Seattle like I am…

Regardless! WE’RE BACK!…at the Oak Brook Project, that is!

I know what you’re thinking – we’ve already done this! The house is gorgeous! What could there possibly be left to do?!

Ha, let me tell you what we have left: landscaping.

A LOT of landscaping:


So, here’s the problem: the back yard is a swamp. Literally, it’s swampy. Three days after it rains, the ground is still soggy and squishy. We removed an existing irrigation system: nothing. We checked the sump pumps: nothing. We checked with the stormwater engineers at the Village: nothing.

Alas, we call Matt Ewert from Escapes Landscape Design to find our solution…what else? Rip it up! It all has to go. Apparently, we have clay instead of soil so the water isn’t draining anywhere. It’s just pooling. Not to mention the grading could be improved. Combine that with a need to enjoy their beautiful lake and watch grandchildren on the lawn and we’ve got a major project on our hands.

Remember when we took out all the existing foliage before we did the driveway so we wouldn’t have to Bobcat over our brand new concrete?




Foresight, my friends. Foresight for the spring. It’s what we do.

Now, here we are.

This new phase of the Oak Brook Projects involves the complete removal and replacement of all groundwork, foliage, and hardscapes for an approximately 5,000 square foot property. Our scope includes the removal of all foliage, grass, and sod; the removal and replacement of a 5-foot masonry retaining wall; the removal and replacement of a masonry mailbox with foundation; grading of the entire property; installation of drain tile, installation of decorative retaining walls, installation of a stone patio hardscape; construction of a custom arbor to accommodate a new outdoor kitchen; wiring of landscape lighting; installation of exterior surround sound using our state-of-the-art Savant system; and the planting of over 44 different species of vegetation.

We are humbled and excited to be working with our clients at Oak Brook again.

Here are the Before pictures!














Special thanks to Escapes Landscape Design for all of their hard work, creative insight, and collaborative enthusiasm!

Photography by The 606 Studio

Want to see the original Oak Brook Project? Check out the photos at Integro Rehab!

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