The Firehouse Project: Update!

Chicago is steadily blooming into spring and we are steadily bringing our projects to life. After our exciting first day at The Firehouse Project hauling two and half trucks of random [stuff] from the alley from previous renters, the next day we immediately began the debris haul we intended: demo debris.

The floors came up, the tile got smashed, the plumbing got removed, the garbage got hauled, and the lumber delivery arrived.


Then, a rainstorm happened.

Sebastian started feeling cold and started to check all of our 1930s windows – then, he found the culprit:


First, he noted that it was the roof access panel. Second, he noted that the roof access panel is actually a piece of something like plywood, except crappier. Third, he noted that it was a goner and not able to repair until a new window comes. Fourth, he noted that it was raining inside the house.

So, what else could we do? Poor Sebastian dropped everything to find some hinges in the truck and cut a brand spankin’ new roof access panel. He left the site that day soaking wet and cold from the rain.

Of course, without complaint and steadfast, he continued on in the morning to our task at hand: framing.

…and as it always does during framing, the waterfall of annoying questions from us begins:


Sebastian: The drawings say 8-3/4″ in width. Does that include tile? If not, then let’s make it 9′ to be safe.

Client: Okay

Sebastian: Right now the toilet is really close to that window. Should we jog the wall back further into the new laundry closet?

Client: Yes

Sebastian: Can we take this wall all the way to the ceiling instead of lofting it? We need to cover the plumbing stack.

Client: No

Sebastian: Are you sure?

Client: Fine. Go ahead.

Ally: The master closet is blocking this huge skylight. Should we loft it?

Client: No. We’ll find a solution. 

Ally: Do you want the toilet room width and the hallway width to be identical?

Client: Does it matter?

Ally: Not really. 

Client: Ok

Sebastian: The guest bedroom doors encroach on the hallway windows. Should we recess them?

Client: Yes

Sebastian: Okay, but the recess will be uneven. 

Client: That’s okay. What can we do, right?

Sebastian: Right.


…of course, immediately after that Sebastian had the HVAC duct altered so that we could recess the bedroom doors identically – because that’s what WE do: Make it happen.

Also, a huge shout out to our clients for answering our questions instead of running out of the house, arms flailing!

Now, after all the questions have been answered for the moment, framing is done:

2nd Bath Firehouse










Next up: plumbing!

Want to see more projects? Check us out at Integro Rehab!

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