Introducing Mom and Dad’s House!

It started with the windows.

As many of you are aware, my most beloved and diligent bookkeeper is my mom.

My mom and dad are living in the same house that me and my two siblings grew up in over the past 30 years.


After opening a window one day and having it break, my parents decided that it was time to price out some new windows. I may be emotionally awkward and terrible with any kind of family coordination – however, I can help with the windows.

Of course, it’s never “just” the windows. If you replace the windows, then you have to replace the casings. If you replace the casings, you should replace the baseboards. If you’re replacing the casings and baseboards, then we should just do crown moulding too. If we’re replacing all the mouldings, we’re going to have to paint the walls. If we’re going to paint all the walls, maybe we should get new interior doors so we’re not putting lipstick on a pig.

Then I got a call one morning from Mom asking if I could stop by to chat about her house.

Sure! I have receipts to drop off anyway.

I show up and there’s lunch on the table…crab salad, croissants, caesar salad, fancy chips, and dessert.

I knew what was coming.

They want to gut the bathroom, and replace the kitchen floor, and maybe get new blinds.

…and there it began. We officially had a project on our hands. Truthfully, I’ve wanted to get my hands on my parents’ house for years. Naturally, this project is near and dear to Integro’s heart. There’s nothing like being able to give back to the ones you love.

So, here we go!




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