Top Three Essential Smart Home Devices

The smart house has long been anticipated and we are closer now than ever before. With Wi-Fi technology we are able to sync several different pieces of our current home automation together bringing us closer to the smart house. While some of this technology may be more expensive than the current technology, the convenience and money saving factors will balance out the increased cost. From roombas to home security systems, here are the three most essential devices you should install to upgrade to a smart house.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting offers a level of control and interactivity that was never possible with traditional bulbs. Remote control features are more than just convenient – they allow you to save on energy costs if you often forget to turn off the lights before leaving the house and they offer added security by turning on when you’re not home. Geofencing is a smart technology that uses your GPS to automatically turn on or off lights when you reach a certain point. Another great feature of the color-changing smart lightbulbs is that they are perfect for mood lighting and can even sync up with certain movies and TV shows. In addition to all of these uses, smart bulbs can be used as a security feature along with the ability to switch lights on and off from your phone or to flash on when movement is detected by your home security system.

Smart Climate Control

Smart thermostats are savvy enough to learn your schedule and even program itself. After it learns your habits, it will adjust the temperature within your home to optimize its efficiency which can save some money on heating and cooling costs. Using the geofencing, your thermostat can detect when you come and go and will adjust the temperature accordingly. A smart thermostat will ensure that you are always comfortable within your home while saving you money.

Smart Home Security

The smart home security system can act as the central hub for all of the smart devices within your home. The smart home security system connects to your home Wi-Fi network allowing you to monitor and control your security and other devices with your smartphone and an app. Once it is connected to your Wi-Fi, you can use the system to monitor locks, garage door openers, cameras, lights, thermostat, smoke detectors and more. Smart home security systems are highly customizable and are a valuable asset to protect your home while controlling your other smart home gadgets.

As the smart house market continues to be a growing trend, expect to see a rise in the number of gadgets that are used to control various aspects of your home. The modern home is about to take a large leap forward. Want to learn more about what smart home devices are right for your house? Feel free to reach out to us.

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