The Oak Brook Project – Demo!

We are full throttle in Oak Brook – that’s right! Sledgehammers everywhere, debris hauling, and endless pizza.


So, the demo truck was out of commission and – being the brilliant minds that we are – we decided that, to make things easy, we would just bring in a dumpster. I’d link to all the posts where I’ve ranted about how dumpsters are the bane of my existence (only surpassed by stairs) except that we’d have 20 links here and it’d look like I was trying to compensate for something (which I am). Regardless, this seemed like a great idea about a week ago. We lay six sheets of plywood on the driveway for protection. The dumpster comes, we fill it with stuff!


Then, it doesn’t leave. One day, two days…things are piling up in the garage…it’s raining…Finally! Here they come with a new dumpster! They begin to remove the existing dumpster and we notice that the tension belt is loose – then the yelling begins as the dumpster starts dragging the plywood. This went on for about 5 seconds before the dumpster then snaps loose and drops onto the driveway.


Did I mention that I hate dumpsters?

Scope Addition: Repair Driveway

In the meantime, we are focusing on our way-finding:

Also, our removal of Roman Baths:

…and now we’re ready for framing!


Not bad for one week, eh?

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  • Whitney Parchman
    Posted at 07:40h, 15 May Reply

    Amen about the Roman Baths! This house is going to be so amazing!!! I am looking forward to all of your updates. I’m not a fan of dumpsters either. Great post! All that work in one week. Wow!

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