The Carmen Project – Before & After

Well, the entire Integro team has been gallivanting in Switzerland for the wedding of none other than yours truly – that’s right! I am a married woman now:


Don’t worry, we didn’t take off for all the fondue, chocolate, and fresh bread we could eat without taking care of business here in Chicago – we finished up Carmen before we left.

As a recap, Carmen is a brick 2-flat in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood and the first building purchase for my clients’ real estate portfolio. The purpose of this renovation was to invest the least amount of construction dollars for the maximum rental value in the market.

Integro’s scope included: 3 floors, 2 units, one new kitchen…in 7 weeks:




I have to give it to my clients on this one – we had to start right away with little notice which meant that they had to step up to the plate on the constant decisions, exhaustive shopping, and endless details that are all part of renovation. They were right with us every step of the way – I don’t think there was one phone call that went unanswered for more than an hour. Kudos to you, guys. You were great.

Now, on to maximum rental just in time for spring! Enjoy the first building in your portfolio! Onward and upward!

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