This. Is. Demo.

Well, we finally made it. Renovations started on the Kenwood house this week! We have “Polish highlanders” handling demolition (my GC was very impressed by this).


My main man, Wesley, spent over an hour walking through the house with myself and my GC reviewing the drawings carefully. They seemed to be communicating effectively in Polish so I caught some words here and there (e.g. “Yes”, “Salvage”). Then, we went outside to look at the facade and their tones got deeper and more serious. I watched them intently – anxiously awaiting to hear the dilemma that will no doubt cost me money – when Robert, my GC, turns to me and says:

“Wesley would like to know if he can have some of the plants for his wife’s garden.”

“Is this what you’ve been talking about for the past few minutes?”


“Oh, yeah he can have whatever’s left plus 2 plants for every $10.00 he saves me.”

So, we all congenially walk inside and Wesley points to the dining room wall:

 Wesley: “Are you going to put a railing in the opening?”

Ally: “What opening?”

Robert: “There is no opening”

*simultaneously with Robert’s statement* WHHAAAAAAMP!!!!!!


Robert: “Oh #*@%”

Glad we got our first mistake out of the way.

So, you’ve seen the shows on DIY and HGTV, right? You wanna see some real demo? This. Is. Demo.









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